How Can I Stop Someone’s Chickens from Coming into My House?

Hey there, fellow backyard enthusiasts! I bet you’re here because you’re experiencing a bit of a ‘clucking’ problem. Is your neighbor’s brood taking the phrase ‘free range’ too seriously and turning your home into their new coop? As a seasoned backyard farmer and chicken aficionado, I totally get it.

Chickens are charming creatures, but they definitely have their place – and it’s not inside your home! So, sit tight as we walk you through some nifty strategies to deter these curious feathered friends from becoming your surprise house guests.

The Unwanted Feathered Guests

Let’s set the scene. You’re enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning, sipping your hot cup of coffee when a flock of chickens nonchalantly strolls in from the open back door. They’re pecking at your kitchen floor, perching on your furniture, and generally turning your place into a barnyard scene. Cute? Yes. Ideal? Absolutely not!

As any backyard farmer will tell you, chickens are naturally curious creatures. They’re always on the lookout for new, exciting places to explore – even if it’s your living room. So, how do you stop the feathered explorers from treating your home as their new playground?

  • 1. Open Conversation with Your Neighbor

As a first step, it might be beneficial to have an open and friendly conversation with your neighbor. They may not even realize their birds are causing a problem. Discuss the situation and ask if they could secure their chickens better to prevent future home invasions.

  • 2. Set Up a Barrier

Now, let’s talk fences. A solid fence is a crucial part of your defensive strategy against wandering chickens. A 4-foot-high fence should do the trick as chickens aren’t strong flyers. Make sure there are no gaps or openings that crafty chickens can exploit.

  • 3. Plant Chicken Repellents

Another natural solution is to plant some chicken-repellent plants in your garden. For example, chickens aren’t fans of strong-smelling plants like lavender, marigolds, and lemongrass. Planting these around your yard can create an effective deterrent.

  • 4. Use a Sprinkler System

Chickens despise being wet. Setting up a motion-activated sprinkler system is an excellent way to discourage these fowl from encroaching upon your territory.

  • 5. Provide Distractions

Distraction is another useful tactic. Set up a feeding station or a chicken-friendly play area at the far end of your yard. This will attract chickens and keep them engaged, reducing their chances of wandering into your home.


There you have it, folks! These strategies should help maintain your home’s chicken-free status without causing harm to these delightful creatures. Remember, it’s all about balance. Your home is your sanctuary, but chickens are also just living their lives. So, let’s coexist harmoniously, each in our own spaces.

Now, let’s tackle some FAQs that you may have about dealing with chickens in your home.

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How Can I Stop Someone's Chickens from Coming into My House


1. Why do chickens enter homes? Chickens are naturally curious creatures and may enter homes in search of food or out of plain curiosity.

2. Are there plants that chickens dislike? Yes, chickens dislike strong-smelling plants such as lavender, marigolds, and lemongrass.

3. What is the best type of fence to keep chickens out? A 4-foot-high fence with no gaps or openings should be sufficient.

4. How high can chickens fly? Most chickens can fly about 6 feet high, but they’re not strong flyers, so a 4-foot fence should discourage them.

5. Are chickens deterred by water? Yes, chickens generally dislike being wet. A motion-activated sprinkler can be an effective deterrent.

6. Can I feed the chickens to keep them away? Providing a feeding station away from your house can serve as a distraction and help keep chickens occupied.

7. Are chickens harmful? No, chickens are not harmful but can cause a mess if they enter homes.

8. How can I prevent my chickens from wandering off? You can keep your chickens in a fenced area, provide them with enough food and water, and make sure they have a comfortable and attractive coop.

9. Why are my chickens flying over the fence? Chickens might fly over the fence out of curiosity, boredom, or in search of food. You might need a higher fence or a covered chicken run.

10. How do I politely address the chicken problem with my neighbor? Approach the topic calmly and respectfully, expressing your concern and asking for their cooperation in controlling the chickens.

11. Can I call animal control for chickens? This would depend on local laws and regulations, so check with your local animal control agency.

12. How do I clean up after a chicken has been in my house? Clean up any droppings, sanitize the area, and wash any fabrics or surfaces the chicken might have touched.

13. Are certain chicken breeds more likely to roam? Yes, some chicken breeds are more adventurous and curious than others, like the Leghorn or Rhode Island Red.

14. Can chickens damage my garden? Yes, chickens scratch and peck at the ground, which can damage plants and vegetables.

15. Should I chase the chickens away? Chasing could scare the chickens. Instead, calmly shoo them away or use the methods mentioned above.

16. Are there any sounds that chickens dislike? Chickens are sensitive to loud noises and might be scared off by sounds from a loud radio or a dog barking.

17. Can chickens spread diseases? Chickens can carry and spread certain diseases, so it’s important to clean any areas where chickens have been.

18. Can chickens eat my pet’s food? Yes, if pet food is left outside, chickens might peck at it out of curiosity or hunger.

19. Do chickens return to their coop at night? Yes, chickens naturally return to their coop at dusk.

20. How can I make my yard less attractive to chickens? Avoid leaving food scraps out, plant chicken-repellent plants, and consider a sprinkler system to deter chickens.

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